William R. Turner

William R. Turner

William R. Turner (“Randy Turner”) is the managing member of Turner Ross Germain, LLC. Randy Turner has more than 30 years of experience representing local governments, elected and non-elected public officials, businesses and individuals in a wide variety of litigation, transactional and public-private policy matters. Before establishing his own law practice, Mr. Turner served as Managing Attorney in the Fulton County Office of the County Attorney, concentrating in local government law and policy, land use and zoning, taxation, finance and public purchasing. Mr. Turner has extensive experience in matters involving the constitutional and statutory authority of local governments, as well as the development, implementation and administration of rules and laws affecting such matters.

In private practice, Mr. Turner has advised clients and litigated numerous cases concerning issues of constitutional law, governmental authority, police misconduct, contracts and personal injury. Mr. Turner has represented local governments and local government officials in many significant matters, including class action lawsuits pertaining to jail conditions and foster care for children. Mr. Turner has performed internal employment and purchasing practice investigations for municipalities and has provided advice and consultation on various questions pertaining to governmental powers.

Mr. Turner attended the University of Georgia, obtaining a double major in political science and economics, before attending Northern Illinois University, where he obtained a law degree in 1990. Mr. Turner served as Legal Aide in the Georgia House of Representatives, during the 1991 and 1992 legislative sessions. Mr. Turner served as in-house Staff Attorney to Floyd County for just over two (2) years (including a brief time as Interim County Manager), before joining the County Attorney’s Office in Fulton County, where he concentrated on issues of local governmental powers, public-private partnership, taxation, finance and police liability. After serving in the County Attorney’s Office for approximately nine (9) years, including more than four (4) years as Managing Attorney, Mr. Turner opened a solo practice in 2004, later forming Turner & Ross, LLC, and then Turner Ross Germain, LLC. Mr. Turner is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and the State Bar Section on Local Government.

Practice Areas

  • General Civil Litigation
  • Local Government Administration
  • Public/Private Investment and Partnership
  • Property Taxation
  • Personal Injury
  • Appellate Matters


  • State Bar of Georgia


  • All State and Superior Courts in Georgia
  • Georgia Court of Appeals
  • Georgia Supreme Court
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia
  • Eleventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
  • U.S. Supreme Court